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Our Story

My brother and I are very fortunate to have been raised in a mindful environment where what you eat was always seen as more than just “what you eat”. However, it wasn’t until one seemingly random day that we truly began to appreciate what we already intuitively believed. It was a typically hot Florida afternoon when my big brother brought home a huge box of sprouts. We were eating some varieties of sprouts I have never even heard of by the handful.  That’s when something magical happened. We both just stopped and looked at each other – there was no question that we were thinking the exact same thing. It was truly an incredible moment. We have never before felt such an immediate impact and force from food like we did from these sprouts.

So how was Sprout Living born? Well, we are both naturally entrepreneurial in mind and caring at heart; and in a state of bliss and epiphany  we came to the realization that this power needs to be made available to everyone. For some time, we offered fresh sprouts delivered right to your door. Logistical issues eventually deterred us from this service, but we still knew we had to share the power of sprouts…but how?

After another fresh-sprout-munching session in search of more answers, we discovered our next step – freeze drying. A relatively new idea at the time, we knew this was the secret to harnessing the power of sprouts, and essentially any living plant, into a shelf-stable and virtually unharmed product!

We were both very active and found that we were 1. not getting enough protein and 2. compensating for that with ‘junk’ protein. Aside from an abundant amount of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, sprouts are an extremely potent source of easily digestible protein. Before we even realized it, Sproutein was on the market.


Mark Malinsky in Colombia

Alex Malinsky Sprout Living

Alex Malinsky in Bali